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One of the joys and important tools in writing, music production and composition is getting surprising inspirations from a variety sources.  You just don’t know when you might learn something new or even change your understanding or perspective on a topic. Today I would like to share with you a few of the podcasts I enjoy listening too.


World Service Witness provides a quick power 10 minutes of world history. Topics range from Eisenhower’s Farewell Address,  East German nudists, the birth of eBay and many many more. In listening to such a quick snap shot of historical happenings often provides the starting point and curiosity to dig a little deeper about a topic, person or event.





Recording Studio Rockstars

Lij Shaw, interviews music producers, engineers, studio owners, and other professionals. Each episode offers inspiring stories, tricks, and insights from the recording studio by some of the world’s top audio professionals. Always a blast!




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If you like movies, listen to this podcast! Always entertaining and amusing. Each episode provides deep insights to the plot (or lack of), behind the scenes details and many of the crazy stories in how a movie came to screen.  The 3 hosts banter between each other offering different perspectives, opinions and discernments. This podcast – a strong green arrow!





Engage: is the Official Star Trek Podcast of the most iconic franchise in the galaxy. If you want a deeper perspective on your Star Trek this is your podcast.





Space Time

This podcast formerly known as StarStuff is one of the most popular astronomy podcasts. Every week the host Stuart Gary talk through the latest news on black holes, rocket launches, super novas, and any other galactic goings on.




Check out some of Nick J Harvey’s gritty tones below. 

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