Guilty Pleasures

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One of my biggest guilty pleasures in life is sipping a coffee at local cafe whilst flicking through a guitar book.  There is just something joyous and pleasing drinking coffee whilst looking at pictures of vintage guitars – it might sound strange to those not involved in music, but it is just personal bliss.

Today I want to share with you my top 5 guitar books (in no particular order).




Burst Believers

I got’ve ’em all – Volume I, II & III of this series. This is a celebration of the Les Paul guitar made from 1958-1960. Played by Les Paul, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and many of the great musicians of the late 60’s and 70’s this was the choice weapon to rock. The 3 volumes has a mixtures of owners stories, polaroid snaps, professionals pictures and reflections on one of the most highly prized vintage guitar.







The Early Years of the Les Paul Legacy 1915-1963

A delight full book that gives both some of the early history of Les Paul the guitarist, and the guitar that has his name itched upon it. Today we take for granted the technology that powers electric guitars, amps, effects and recording studio. Les Paul was one of the innovators and pioneers for all the cool toys we have today. Worth the read.









This a serious parade of Les Paul hardware is this book. Page after page is filled with lavish photos of Les Paul guitars from 1958-1960. Originally published only in Japan this books has now been translated to an english edition.  An interesting “Science of the Burst” section with over 30 pages of detailed facts from world renowned collector Yasuhiko Iwanade. 216 pages of pure burst beauty!






The Stratocaster Chronicles: Celebrating 50 Years of the Fender Strat

This is a wonderful deep dive into the history of the beloved and famed Fender Stratocaster. In 2004 the strat celebrated its 50th Birthday and this books celebrates with a informative visual feast.  A bonus with this book is the CD in the back cover with musical examples of famous Strat sounds performed by Greg Koch.  






Strat in the Attic: Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology

A gripping read from Deke Dickerson of 48 tales of rare guitars and amplifiers. If you want stories of guitars left under beds and untouched for 50 years… this is it.

I also recommend the 2nd volume. Just amazing.








Check out some of Nick J Harvey’s tones with a Les Paul. 

Get a Free Track: “Blue’s ‘N Greens” 



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