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Nick J Harvey’s Latest Single

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“It just blew me away… so well crafted.” Steve, Beaumaris, Australia.

“All three songs made me picture the road that I was about to take a road trip on,” Nashville listener

Nick J Harvey, guitarist, composer, engineer, and producer has released his latest single and EP.

Nick’s music reaches out to fans of classic 60’s and 70’s blues band. With a firm spiritual core centered on early and gritty Chicago tones, Nick J Harvey offers a fresh perspective on blues/rock.

The single “Blues ‘n Greens” takes the listener on a ride of rhythmic and subtle harmonic twists, but still plays strongly in the tradition of a driving Chicago blues shuffle.


“The blues as an art form needs to be kept alive. I think people yearn today for some authenticity in the music that is not manufactured and spat out by a TV show,” says Nick, “On this track I wanted….an attitude of positive provocation.”

“Blues ‘n Greens” has the drive of a rock track and a compelling “grab you by the throat quality.”  The single is arranged thoughtfully with a crafted melody that energetically pushes the listener forward via a nasally blues inspired guitar and a pumping rhythm section underneath.

The approach to arranging and mixing the “Blues ‘n Greens” single and EP was to shape the sound in the style of great classic 70’s rock tracks, where recordings had a life and a sense of dynamics to the instrumentation.

Nick says, “The single and EP is an accumulation of five years of hard work and planning. Getting the single out, and the other tracks on the EP are important to me because I believe the world still loves good guitar music.”

For a limited time Nick is giving away his latest single, “Blues ‘n Greens”, from his most recent EP.

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