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El Largo Adios – New Single Out

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  Today I’ve released my newest single El Largo Adios. El Largo Adios is a mariachi band/spaghetti western inspired acoustic guitar piece. One of the the key elements I wanted to bring to this a single was a sense of space and movement. For many fans this may be seems as a huge departure from the […]

Recording Today, Looking Back Towards Yesterday

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  Having grown upon a steady diet of records recorded between 1928 – 1974, I find myself on a personal quest in my own work to either recreate, evolve or utlimately channel those early sonic inspirations.  In an age of the digital recording studio which can’t be avoided this can be a challenge. The digital […]

Blues ‘n Greens – The Journey

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The blues as an art form needs to be kept alive. I think people yearn today for some authenticity in music that is not manufactured and spat out by a TV show. Blues music is not about just rolling over, but often taking a stand against the system, “the man” or even a former lover. […]

All I Want For Xmas Is My Two Front Compressors

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  This is just quick a note to my fans and music lovers alike wishing you an awesome Xmas and very happy New Year. It’s been an exciting year with the release of the new the single and EP Blues ‘n Greens. Behind the scenes there has been a lot of blood, sweet and tears […]

“Blues ‘n Greens” EP Release

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  At last the day has arrived – The release of the “Blues ‘n Greens” EP. At the core of each track is a defiance and an attitude of positive provocation. Each track is firmly rooted in the blues, but by their own nature each track wants to explore their own individual larger sonic landscape. […]

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