Blues ‘n Greens – The Journey


The blues as an art form needs to be kept alive. I think people yearn today for some authenticity in music that is not manufactured and spat out by a TV show.

Blues music is not about just rolling over, but often taking a stand against the system, “the man” or even a former lover. In composing and releasing a tune like “Blues ‘n Greens” I wanted to express a particular energy and vitality.  At the core of this track is a defiance and an attitude of positive provocation.


With “Blues ‘n Greens” I wanted to reach out to fans of classic 60’s and 70’s blues band, like early Fleetwood Mac, but also maintaining a spiritual core firmly centered on those earlier gritty tones of so many classic Chess recordings. “Blues ‘n Greens” takes the listener on a ride of rhythmic and harmonic twists, but still strongly plays in the tradition of a Chicago blues shuffle.

As an Indie Artist and composer/producer, I have the freedom to take musical directions and decisions that would be considered perhaps “un-commercial” or even career suicide. I want to take the opportunity to create music that is for the blues fans alike, but also try to explore and extend the genre whilst keeping the blues spirt alive.

The approach to arranging and mixing “Blues ‘n Greens” was to shape the sound in the style of like those great classic 70’s rock tracks, these where recordings that had a life and a sense of dynamics to the instrumentation.  The aim always was to avoid the mistake of many modern recordings by being over loud and dynamically flat for you, the listener.

Besides the traditional blues influences and inspirations like Howlin Wolf, Freddy King and the 60’/70’s British Blues players, my fascination with multi-track recording was sparked by Mike Oldfield’s Tubular bells.


For me, the release of “Blues ‘n Greens” EP is an accumulation of five years of hard work and planning.  Between trips to LA and Nashville it’s been a quest of honing studio skills, gaining industry insights, and refining musicianship, writing, and production techniques.

I’m passionate about taking the format of the blues and seeing if we can push the form further forward. Getting the single out, and the other tracks on the EP is important to me because I believe the world still loves good guitar music.

I hope you took the time to listen, and if you did thank you.

If you enjoyed “Blues ‘n Greens”, take a listen to some of the other tracks on the EP. The other two tracks on the EP are the very rocky “Cherry Brandy”, and the esoteric “Black Rock.”


Its only through your support I can continue my mission and journey in writing and recording music for fans of great music.

Thank you for being a listener and a fan.


If you would like to hear more of this journey.  

Click here to have a preview listen of the “Blue’s ‘N Greens” EP