“Blues ‘n Greens” EP Release

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At last the day has arrived – The release of the “Blues ‘n Greens” EP.

At the core of each track is a defiance and an attitude of positive provocation. Each track is firmly rooted in the blues, but by their own nature each track wants to explore their own individual larger sonic landscape.

I think people yearn today for some authenticity in the music that is not manufactured and spat out by a TV show. The focus of “Blues ‘n Greens” is on the music and nothing else.

The single “Blues ‘n Greens”  is about the drive and the thump, and using space in a recording studio to give a track a particular presence and size. “Black Rock” is an acoustic track by far is the most esoteric on the EP with many and mixed influences. “Cherry Brandy” is about the melody and just getting your foot tapping. I hope the EP as whole takes you on your own personal sonic journey.

As an Indie Artist and composer/producer, I have the freedom to take musical directions and make decisions that could be considered “un-commercial”. The approach to mixing and arranging the track was to create a mix more in the style of a great 70’s classic rock record, giving life and a sense of dynamics to the instrumentation.

The release of the “Blues ‘n Greens” EP is the accumulation of five years of hard work and planning for me.  Between multiple trips to LA and Nashville it’s been a quest of honing studio skills, gaining industry insights, refining musicianship, writing, and production techniques.

Getting this EP is important to me because I believe the world still loves good music.

The “Blues ‘n Greens” EP is now available for download.

Grab yourself a copy and enjoy.

Check out some of Nick J Harvey’s gritty tones below. 

Click Here & Preview the “Blue’s ‘N Greens” EP

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