Vinyl Records

I Asked Her For Water

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  In recent months, I began digging through my record collection, searching deeper and deeper into my almost forgotten sonic cellars of black vinyl. Feeling a level of trepidation, I found, dusted off and opened up the Howlin Wolf’s ‘The Chess Box set’.  The vinyl and record sleeves smelt strangely aged. I hesitated, pausing just […]

Confession Time

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  I have a confession to make and it’s a confession that is tinged with sadness, unexplained guilt, and even some notion of generational regret.  I will admit in the 90’s, like so many others I began to embrace the sonic revolution of the Compact Disc. Its promise of ease, convenience, indestructibility and even “guaranteed” […]

Profound Sojourn – Tubular Bells

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  “Don’t look at the cover, read nothing. Go home and play the CD.  And…… only listen to it through your head phones.” I follow those instructions: A haunting and echoey piano fills my headphones.  Its repetition is hypnotic and foreboding. It’s relentless; the melody flicks effortlessly between 7/8 and 4/4 time signatures. Its asymmetry […]