El Largo Adios – New Single Out

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  Today I’ve released my newest single El Largo Adios. El Largo Adios is a mariachi band/spaghetti western inspired acoustic guitar piece. One of the the key elements I wanted to bring to this a single was a sense of space and movement. For many fans this may be seems as a huge departure from the […]

Quick ‘n Deep

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  How Many More Years – Howling Wolf.  Dirty ‘n down piano triplets are immediately pumped out from the fist beat of this song. A thunderous groove pumps through out the whole 2:39. Its crude, raw and impolite in it’s truths. The guitars are distorted, grimy and sweaty always pushing forward on Wolf’s voice. This […]

Derek And The Dominos Deep Dive – Layla Session Jams and Outtakes.

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  One of the most surprising aspects about the release of the Derek and The Dominos one studio album, “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs”, was that it was meet with fan indifference upon its release in 1970. The band members were Lead Guitarist and signer Eric Clapton, keyboardist and singer Bobby Whitlock, bassist Carl Radle […]

Recording Today, Looking Back Towards Yesterday

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  Having grown upon a steady diet of records recorded between 1928 – 1974, I find myself on a personal quest in my own work to either recreate, evolve or utlimately channel those early sonic inspirations.  In an age of the digital recording studio which can’t be avoided this can be a challenge. The digital […]

Guilty Pleasures

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  One of my biggest guilty pleasures in life is sipping a coffee at local cafe whilst flicking through a guitar book.  There is just something joyous and pleasing drinking coffee whilst looking at pictures of vintage guitars – it might sound strange to those not involved in music, but it is just personal bliss. […]

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